2024 Term 2 Pattern Skills Classes and Freeskate Practice Sessions

Darwin Ice Skating will hold Pattern classes, which stream skaters toward Ice Skating Australia (ISA), starting on the 19th of April 2024. Patterns classes facilitate a skater’s skating ability and competency by focusing on balance, power, flow, edge quality, extension, and transitions (i.e. smoothness and ease moving from one skating skill to the next). These skills are learned and mastered in different patterns at the different levels below.

       The Six ISA Pattern Skill Levels:

 1) Preliminary 2) Elementary 3) Basic Novice

4) Advanced Novice 5) Junior  6) Senior

         Why are Pattern Skills Important?

Learning ISA pattern skills directs the skater toward the main Australian figure skating stream in which skaters gain ISA recognised qualifications (and a pin) when they pass a test. Although Patterns classes are for skaters who want to take their skating more seriously, patterns skills can also help a skater improve their recreational Aussie Skate stream classes. A skater is under no obligation to test or compete. Remember, skating is about achieving what you want to achieve. Let the coach know, however, if you do want to test or compete so they can guide you in the direction you want to go. This is particularly important for adults as adults in ISA have different rules.

Learning and mastering patterns skills takes time, so it’s best to start now.

Lessons start: Friday 19th April


  1. The cost for a 10-week term is $390 per person.
  2. There are no make-up lessons for pattern skill classes.
  3. When the head coach feels the student is ready to take the test with an ISA accredited judge, she will confer with the skater and the Figure Skating Association Northern Territory (FSANT) and will sign a form the Association hands to her. Testing is subject to ice availability and a certain (minimum) number of skaters/tests are usually necessary.
  4. There are fees with FSANT if a skater wants to take a test.
  5. No skater will be permitted to test without a signature from the coach.
  6. Skaters not enrolled in Patterns classes are not permitted to do patterns in private lessons.

    Free Skate Practice Sessions with Coaching

Darwin Ice Skating is also offering a Free Skate practice session on Fridays for skaters in Free Skating classes. This is subject to interest.  The coach will be available to give guidance to the skaters and will divide the time to each skater as evenly as possible. This class will be on Fridays in between pattern skills. The time of the practice class is subject to the numbers of skaters undertaking patterns, so the proposed time will be announced ahead of the class.

Free Skate practice classes will start on Friday the 19th of April.

The course will run for 10 weeks.

The cost is $220 per 10 week block (one session per week, 30 minutes per session).  For the Free Skate practice sessions, a maximum of one make-up session will be given for non-medical reasons (at a suitable time for the rink). A medical certificate is required for medical reasons. The make up lesson(s) needs to be within the term.

Please respond whether you would like to participate in either the pattern skills or the free skate session, or both, by 8pm Wednesday the 10th of April.