Practice Ice Sessions and Private Lessons

Darwin Ice Skating has reserved 40 minutes of ice per day during three days of the week, and 30 minutes between sessions on Saturdays and Sundays, dedicated for skaters in Aussie Skate Intermediate 2 (Level 9) and above. This is so skaters can progress more meaningfully in their skating, memorising skills, gaining confidence, and consistency. Spots are limited: a maximum of 8-9 skaters can skate per session.

Please note that most 1-on-1 lessons will be coached during these practice sessions. Lessons can be purchased on top of the practice time slots you choose.

Proposed days, times, and fees for Term 2 2024 are as follows:

Practice Ice Only Costs

Practice sessions run according to dates below. Please read carefully.

1-on-1 private lessons:

Participating skaters can attend 1-on-1 private lessons during the practice ice time slots above. The cost for the lessons is $30 per 20 minutes on weekdays and $22 per 15 minutes on weekends. Those wanting to compete are recommended to book two or more days. For instance, if you think learning of your routine, and the availability of practice ice and lesson times, a skater who skated once a week on weekends in Term 1 usually had two or three 1-on-1 lessons within the 2-month term. Not a lot of time to learn and master things! Obviously, a skater who attends two or more days a week will have increased lesson availability and practice time to perfect their routines.

Discounts for ice time:


– Weekdays: The ice is prepared with the Zamboni and is therefore smooth ice for practicing spins, jumps, turns etc.

–Saturdays and Sundays: A staff member will be scraping the ice between the sessions. Therefore, less skaters are permitted on the ice and the price is also lower. Note: the skater having the 1-on-1 lesson starts at 5pm or 11am while the other skaters start at 5.05pm or 11:05am.

-The proposed sessions above will proceed subject to interest and final numbers.

*Maximum of one make-up session for non-medical reasons. A doctor’s certificate is required for all medical reasons.

Please respond by 5pm Sunday 7 April if you would like to participate, stating your preferred days and whether you would like to have 1-on-1 lessons on your preferred day(s).